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Does Coconut Oil Cause Acne or Make Acne Worse?

Coconut Oil and Acne Skin

Dealing with the information as to whether or not Coconut Oil causes acne or makes acne worse is a concern for those currently dealing with acne problems.

Why the confusion on Coconut Oil as it pertains to acne?  Could it be Coconut Oil is just misunderstood?  Some love it and claim it heals acne, while others hate it!   Is this ingredient in your skincare or makeup?

Find the answer …..

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Is Titanium Dioxide Safe In Mineral Makeup Today?

Severely burned skin, dark tanned body

The Safety Of Titanium Dioxide Has Been Revealed

We break it down for you.  Clarity on Titanium Dioxide and it’s safety in the midst of a torrent of misinformation and scare tactics has finally been assessed.  To clear up confusion, the EPA has provided in a final report based on research of Titanium Dioxide used in mineral makeup products and other sunscreens, a game changer in revealing the accuracy or inaccuracy of certain claims that accompany Titanium Dioxide, whether good or bad.

FULL ARTICLE: Is Titanium Dioxide Safe In Mineral Makeup and Sunscreens?

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Rice Starch, Bacteria, & Mineral Makeup Myths

Another Rice Powder In Mineral Makeup Myth Disguised As Science

Unfortunately, we are revisiting yet again, the myth that rice powder in mineral makeup will somehow support or grow bacteria in your jar.  Others across the internet want us to believe that products containing this essential ingredient for keeping skin healthy, is somehow contributing to skin problems.  Fortunately, the science does not support this supposition so we will dispel this myth.  Some mineral makeup companies claim any product containing rice powder must be preserved.

FULL ARTICLE: Does Rice Powder In Mineral Makeup Support Bacteria?

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Does Using Gluten Free Mineral Makeup & Skincare Matter?

Does My Makeup, Skincare Or Any Beauty Product I Use Need To Be Gluten Free?

Dealing with Celiac disease has brought up an interesting and pointed question about mineral makeup, skincare ingredients, or any makeup product whether it be lipsticks, glosses, powders or liquid foundation.  This has become a growing concern among women that are getting recent diagnoses of having Celiac disease.

Your health is equally important to us as it is to you so we we wish to share our research with you so you can feel comfortable when making your next purchase on any Health and Beauty product.

FULL ARTICLE: Do I Need To Use Gluten Free Mineral Makeup And Skincare?

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Does Green Tea Or Antioxidants Boost Mineral Makeup Benefits?

Green Tea Or Antioxidants In Mineral Makeup Is Just Marketinggreen tea extract

As mineral makeup is getting more and more popular, many mineral makeup brands are doing their level best to try to take their products to the next level by touting all the fantastic benefits of additional ingredients like Japanese Green Tea Extract or other types of antioxidants for anti-aging.

FULL ARTICLE: Does Green Tea Or Antioxidants Boost Mineral Makeup Benefits?

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