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Does Coconut Oil Cause Acne or Make Acne Worse?

Coconut Oil and Acne Skin

Dealing with the information as to whether or not Coconut Oil causes acne or makes acne worse is a concern for those currently dealing with acne problems.

Why the confusion on Coconut Oil as it pertains to acne?  Could it be Coconut Oil is just misunderstood?  Some love it and claim it heals acne, while others hate it!   Is this ingredient in your skincare or makeup?

Find the answer …..

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Mineral Eyeshadow For That Perfect Nail Polish. Say What!

Fashion Beauty. Manicure and Make-up. Nail Art

Nail Polish Dazzles The Eye Using Your Favorite Mineral Eyeshadow

Did you know that you could use your mineral eye shadow to create your own uniquely beautiful new nail polish color?
That’s right, you can enjoy a new nail polish shade every time you take one off to put on another without having an endless supply of nail polish bottles strewn all over your bathroom.

How you might ask?


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News On Mineral Makeup, Rosacea & A Possible Cure

Exciting Discovery Could Be Next Cure For Rosacea Sufferers

While women wait on the science to help find a cause and cure, our mineral makeup provides benefits to women that suffer with rosacea.  We are often asked by women if our mineral makeup products can be used if they have rosacea whether it be mild or severe, so…

This is the excitement of the latest discovery.  The Journal Of Medical Microbiology published a review that scientists are closer to establishing a definitive bacterial cause for the skin condition rosacea. This will allow more targeted, effective treatments to be developed for sufferers.  So this latest research is welcomed news.

FULL ARTICLE: Rosacea, Mineral Makeup, and the Possible Cure

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Preventing and Fixing A Broken Lipstick

lipstick samples cut on white background

Best Way To Fix Your Broken Lipstick

It happens on occasion that you get a new lipstick, and in your excitement to try the new shade, you twist it up a tad too far to apply.  Oops… we now have a broken lipstick!

Or you had your lipstick in your pocket or in a warm spot, such as your purse on a hot day or left it in the car and you make the mistake of trying to put some on and oops… it breaks in half.

Or the complete opposite since a very cold lipstick can become brittle and also break at the base.  This has happened to most of us at one time or another.

All is not lost however.  We provide the steps to repair that favorite lipstick of yours using a match or a lighter.

FULL ARTICLE: How To Prevent Or Fix A Broken Lipstick

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Is Titanium Dioxide Safe In Mineral Makeup Today?

Severely burned skin, dark tanned body

The Safety Of Titanium Dioxide Has Been Revealed

We break it down for you.  Clarity on Titanium Dioxide and it’s safety in the midst of a torrent of misinformation and scare tactics has finally been assessed.  To clear up confusion, the EPA has provided in a final report based on research of Titanium Dioxide used in mineral makeup products and other sunscreens, a game changer in revealing the accuracy or inaccuracy of certain claims that accompany Titanium Dioxide, whether good or bad.

FULL ARTICLE: Is Titanium Dioxide Safe In Mineral Makeup and Sunscreens?

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