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Mineral Makeup Sample Size Information

To My Dear Customers,

Today, it was brought to my attention that some customers maybe confused in regard to our mineral makeup samples based on the differences in the amount of mineral powders they receive in the jar.  So I decided to write a brief overview of the differences depending on the category of each mineral makeup sample chosen.

In each category except eye shadows (full size only), there is a description of the color with photos that are representative of a full size product, and not an indication of the amount a customer will receive in their sample.  Also, the estimated amount given is with a decimal point of the fractionated number.  Basically this is equivalent to 1/10th of the value weight to slightly more actually, a customer would receive in a full size product.  All samples come in a 5 gram sifter jar.

This is why portion size in the sample category will vary according to the parts of the face where applied, with the overall face being the largest area to cheeks being smaller, reflects why foundations and mineral veils almost fill the jar to capacity.  Yet if using the moist method for face, the color application and coverage will be more intense, whereby needing less product.

Samples will only last according to usage, dependent on how heavy or light an application technique is used.

It is my sincerest hope this has explained in detail why our generous sample sizes are prepared the way they are for the convenience of the customer.  I am confident that a sample size of any mineral makeup category purchased will be sufficient to experience and gain the best results to make an informed decision on whether or not an individual color or product will work for you.  In the a case of sensitive skin issues or wish to try different foundation formulas, purchasing two in your best shade is recommended to make sure all goes well before committing to full size.

Thank you to all of my loyal customers and to those joining us in the future.

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The FDA And FTC Compliance

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to briefly cover some things about why there have been some significant changes to my website, and why they have been occurring since the first part of 2010.

This is getting done as my web team has time and I have the time to get them the latest information.  It is a constant state of a “work in progress”.  Plus as we progress forward, much of the information becomes antiquated as the industry thrives and changes.

In dealing with the FDA, I have found it to be a quagmire of varying interpretations of the regulations.  I have spent countless hours in phone conversations with the FDA: Cosmetics and Color division, only to have further confusion instilled when asking for clarification.  In most cases you can get a completely different answer on a different day than the last.

It is clear that cosmetics cannot cross the line of OTC (over the counter) drugs, such as making claims that using a certain skincare or makeup product will heal or cure something without the proper clinical trials.  But as to how far a company can go in conveying an intended purpose is the fine line that many cross, perhaps unintentionally.

FULL ARTICLE: The FDA And FTC Compliance

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My Time To Decompress!

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Why I Love My Backyard!

After a long and busy week, stresses can take their toll on my psyche and physical being.

Build up of stress and being so busy at times makes me forget to take time out for me…..sometimes waiting until the weekend instead of tiny breaks throughout a day.  But when I do forget about the little things that matter such as some R&R, I make up for it on weekends completely turning vegetable.

Not having a vacation for several years now due to growth of our businesses, my hubby and I decided to create our own oasis within our home.  So now when we both are feeling taxed and just want to take some time to refocus and visit, we retreat to our backyard.

The sight and sound of water moving and spilling into a small pool while enjoying the singing finches, and watching the plants sway in the breeze with their expressive blooms exploding in the warm air, is enough to make the mind empty and the body appreciate the lazy sprawl on a recliner for a long afternoon snooze.

This is how I decompress these days and why I have been waiting for summer to arrive all these months.  Early morning coffee with hubby, with breakfast on the patio.  A great way to spend the weekend!

What do you do to decompress or take a break from the hectic schedule you may keep?

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My Labor Of Love Receives Recognition

I sit at my desk this morning feeling overwhelming gratitude as I ponder my next article for the Skin Care Guide.  As many have come to know me over the past several years, probably realize how much I truly enjoy writing, and I get to use my Blog as a place I can be myself and share my two cents on many issues.

Some issues I like to write about, interjecting facts with humor, or just to simply create a fun piece, and then there are some I don’t like to deal with!  Life is not always rosy and can prove to be challenging, even for me.  But I trudge through, working even on the more difficult stories that may put a knot in my gut, keeping it real, knowing that I may not have everyone concurring with my ideals.  In rare instances, I unwittingly create controversy.  Regardless, it has always been about keeping my readers’ best interests at heart which keeps me motivated to write those in depth articles.

After all I don’t do it to just to do it or to have something to do out of boredom, but because it is a true labor of love…..and I do mean labor.  Sometimes taking me weeks or months to bring a single article to fruition depending on the research involved.  I have always been about debunking myths in my industry, including over inflated claims on many products sold on the market today and conveying those findings to my readers.

It is this dedication I have practiced which has others in my industry taking notice and appreciating my candor and stance against those that want to sell by perpetuating fear!

Last week I was invited to join an expert panel of industry insiders from the U.S. and the U.K. involved in manufacturing and research and development which in large part are made up of scientists, herbalists, aromatherapists and chemists.  It seems they too have enjoyed my articles based on sound science through the dissemination of the facts without scaremongering, instead of recycling old fallacies that hover on the internet for ad infinitum which most of, I might add, is mainly for marketing purposes to sell products.

I have had the opportunity to share many ideas and thoughts with my esteemed colleagues through LinkedIn on a professional level.  However, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be selected to join them in bringing forth truth based knowledge to offset in large part, those that have set out to control our industry using our government to do it with.  Or use junk science to promote an agenda against the entire Personal Care Products Industry as a whole.  And with all of that, I felt a certain responsibility to consumers to help them determine what was fact versus myth.  An example was defeating the Colorado Personal Care Products Safety Act several months ago.

I hope everyone will visit this excellent resource for information surrounding our industry and begin to weigh sound science with junk science.  Remember, there always is two sides to a story and typically those built on negativity get the most interest, sadly.  But proponents for sound science are finally pushing back against those that do not give accurate information, or in most cases incomplete or antiquated data.

Hope to see you there!

Personal Care Truth

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Do You Offer Private Label Mineral Makeup?

I finally decided this is a question that I should elaborate on since I am receiving multiple requests asking to provide my mineral makeup for private label to Spas, Salons and Start-ups.

I realize that there is a huge demand for this since many in the mineral makeup world wish to go into business for themselves, and the mass producers provide a service in a profession they enjoy and are an asset to the industry.  Plus it can create a nice alternate stream of additional income.  However, when I created Sterling Minerals Premium Cosmetics, I did it with the intention of providing something truly unique to the makeup world of minerals.

I personally had been on the consumer side of using many different mineral makeup brands, but they all seemed the same and very rarely strayed from the basic formulas scattered all over the internet.  I never could understand how some minerals had a different name, yet felt and performed the same.  Or those that had the same ingredients as the next according to the ingredient lists, yet did weird things to my face.  This clued me in to there being more in that brands version than they were letting on.

After an arduous 2 years of research and development in creating a uniquely different quality to my brand, I knew that my minerals were something special.  They really left skin feeling fantastic without heaviness or caking, and provided incredible staying power and created smoother skin texture, surpassing all others.  Plus I disclose every ingredient used in my formulas in order to achieve the look and feel of these amazing powders.  And the additional benefit of the 3 formulas for different skin types has been a huge success to this line since many other makeup brands don’t offer this in loose minerals.

So to answer the question with some questions of my own:

  1. Knowing the benefits my mineral makeup offers, why would I want to dilute this formula across the marketplace under the guise of another name?
  2. Don’t we already have enough mass marketers and formulas of the same ingredients available?
  3. As a customer, don’t you get tired of sampling same old, same old, thinking the next will be better when you only learn that it is the same as the next?
  4. Also, do you ever ask yourself why one costs more or less than the other when the ingredients are identical?
  5. What sets theirs apart from others besides price?

This is really the crux of the matter and why I choose to keep my formulas close to my brand, never compromising the skin beautifying benefits they provide to my customers.  When you buy Sterling Minerals products, you can rest assured they are my pure and gentle minerals exclusively, without a doubt.

I am very grateful and flattered by all the requests since many recognize the unique differences mine offer from other brands, but private label is not something I will be offering now, or in the future.   Wholesaling and retailing my products are the only options I offer to maintain the integrity of the Sterling Minerals Brand and I look forward to any inquiries in this regard.

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