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Does Green Tea Or Antioxidants Boost Mineral Makeup Benefits?

Green Tea Or Antioxidants In Mineral Makeup Is Just Marketinggreen tea extract

As mineral makeup is getting more and more popular, many mineral makeup brands are doing their level best to try to take their products to the next level by touting all the fantastic benefits of additional ingredients like Japanese Green Tea Extract or other types of antioxidants for anti-aging.

FULL ARTICLE: Does Green Tea Or Antioxidants Boost Mineral Makeup Benefits?

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Does Talc Used In Makeup Or Skincare Products Cause Cancer?

Talc Used In Makeup and Skincare Products Still Has Some Controversy

talcum powder under eyeUnfortunately, there are many individuals who choose to remain uneducated on the complexities of chemical ingredients by still blogging ‘faux’ facts or simply repeating the pseudo science in their latest published book that ‘Talc is toxic’ or ‘Talc contains asbestos’ or ‘Talc causes ovarian cancer’ etc., as though these statements some how are the absolute evidence without substantiating it with sound scientific research. And those that spread the fear to consumers, typically provide unsubstantiated Talc articles within their reporting of such inflammatory claims. Yet, rarely, if ever will they provide the scientific data that might disprove these same claims.

Why you may ask?

FULL ARTICLE: Does Talc Used In Makeup Or Skincare Products Cause Cancer?

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What About Lead In Lipstick?

Facts Surrounding Lead In Lipstick Versus Our Environmentlead-in-lipstick

What we need to remember, lead is ubiquitous and is found in our soil, water, food, air, etc.  So, it will never be completely removed from our lives as hard as we may try.

Yes we can avoid it whenever possible, by making good choices, but we drink more allowable lead in our drinking water than what we would find in our cosmetics.  And lead found in soil is taken up by the plants we ingest (fruits and vegetables), it is simply a fact of nature.

FULL ARTICLE: What About Lead In Lipstick?

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