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New “Kissable” Lip Shine Has Arrived

Hello Ladies,CC397B Kissable shine

We finally have available our newest shade addition to our lip shine palette.  KISSABLE Lip Shine is now sporting a new look.  It is already generating excitement after the launch by ladies that were awaiting the arrival.  You can see their comments in the “Reviews” tab.

We knew that our new Kissable lip color shade would be perfect for a color choice, but had no idea that women were waiting with such anticipation.  We are very pleased that we have met the needs of those that were continuing to ask for cooler shades which included another pink lip color that leaned toward more of a deep, rich Fuschia without also being too bright.  If women continue to show their enjoyment of this shade, we may very well create this in a lipstick as well.

We aren’t stopping there either, we are also working behind the scenes for including in our color palette another shade choice that offers a soft and light mauve plum tone.  We tried to keep things more neutral for the vast majority of women, but they have emailed us and spoken that they would like to have cooler shade choices, especially since shades of  “Pink” are becoming highly popular again.

You’ll also love the natural appearance of all our shades.  Even the richest color choices will leave you looking gorgeous yet never overstated, just refreshed and renewed!

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Clearance Lip Color and Free Gifts

Changes in Free Gifts And Clearance ShadesSale Sign

The Holidays have come and gone and many enjoyed the holiday promo we offered.  We sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday as well.  We also want to say thanks to all our customers, past and new, and wish everyone a wonderful 2014.

To catch you up with the latest, we are currently offering a clearance price for our CHARISMA shade, both in Lipstick or Lip Shine.  We enjoy changing things up so we like to make way for new colors that are trending, not only for what is “hip” now, but offering shades that help us to look younger and to give our lips fullness provided by beautiful pigments.  We never want to age ourselves or make thin lips thinner by wearing the wrong shade or formula.

We also have updated our FREE GIFT offers to now provide a FREE CHARISMA Lip Shade, your choice of formula, when you purchase $100 or more in full size products.  Simply make your selection known (lip shine or lipstick) during checkout in the comments section of your order.

For those that have never tried natural lip colors, and you are thinking about your first purchase, then our article on our natural lip colors and what to expect is a great read.


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‘Tis The Season For Holiday Gifts With Purchase

Holiday Gift pageHi Everyone,

It is already that time of year again and we can hardly believe it ourselves.  It was just a little over a year since the relaunch of our new website and our Holiday Promotion.

Well we are at it again, only this time we are offering you a choice of FREE Gifts with your qualified purchase.  So take a peek at the Holiday Gift Offers and we sincerely hope you’ll enjoy them as a nice gift for yourself or someone else.

Also, don’t forget about taking advantage of our Gift Certificates this Holiday Season.  They make great stocking stuffers as do so many of our other mineral makeup and skincare products.


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Having Fun With New Eye Shadow Creations

Tired Of Same Old, Same Old In Relation To Your Mineral Eyeshadow Creativity?eye color sophisticated

Based on popular demand and receiving emails from our ladies wishing for us to give them a duplication of an eye shadow look they found and absolutely LOVE, we decided to create this new category on our website for finding the neatest to simplest, to creative to indulgent, to complicated to traditional, which translates to endless ways of using your old eye shadows to trying some new ones.

Most often, women are reticent to try new mineral eye shadow shades because the color seems out of their scope of ideas or due to keeping it simple they stick with safe and easy.

Break From The Boredom

Even Katherine (mineral makeup maven extraordinaire) has stuck with simple until recently!  She decided to push herself and to invite other ladies to break from tradition and boredom and shake things up a bit.  She personally has discovered some shades that she would not have dreamed of using in the past, only to now realize she has been missing out on enjoying truly amazing eyeshadow finishes.

That is why she has added to her categories in her Education section, Mineral Eyeshadow Tutorials.  This will be updated regularly and will provide extensive color and creative tutorials on recreating a mineral eyeshadow look you wish to try.  Plus, we will even provide the mineral eyeshadow shades you’ll require to duplicate the eyeshadow look you want to achieve.

For more information on how we can help you find your look beyond what we already have created in our collection, check out  Creating Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow Looks at our website.

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New Sunscreen Regs On Mineral Makeup & Other New Updates


Keeping You Up To Date In Case You Missed It

We are always striving to keep our customers up to date when we learn about the latest info so that you, our valued customers can also be well informed when it comes to your skin health through the use of your mineral makeup products and your skincare.

This info is so important, we will also post this same article in our Skin Care Guide since we have customers that read one or the other.  Yet, we apologize for duplication if you should be a subscriber to both.

Important Mineral Makeup Update In Regard To Sunscreen Regulations

We have updated our “What Is The SPF Of Our Mineral Makeup” page with the latest information as it pertains to new FDA regulations.  You’ll also learn about what those Skin Cancer Foundation Seals Of Endorsement really mean!  So click on the link in the text above to learn more.

Education CenterEducation Snippet

Our education articles are located in the bottom left corner of our website with easy to navigate titles for giving you fast answers to your questions and we are adding new articles and updating old ones on a regular basis.  No more endless searching through past blog posts.

The New Links Below Will Be Your Guide

Beauty Tips

Foundation FAQ’s

Ingredient FAQ’s

General FAQ’s

Skincare Education

Cart and Search SnippetOr you can use our convenient “Search” window at the top right of our website and simply type in your questions.

Two tabs will appear: Products / News & Information in upper left corner.  You then click on which tab you prefer as it pertains to your search.

Missing Out On Updates

We have recently learned from some of our customers that they are missing out on our website updates including new products being added and new product photography be implemented.

This is happening because you are holding onto a “cached” version of the site.  We all love to add websites to our favorites for immediate retrieval, but  unfortunately, this is also why you are missing our product updates which will also include promotions that we will place up front and center on our slide show as you enter the site.

Example: We updated all of our mineral makeup product photography with true to life color and they turned out incredible, yet some customers don’t see them and only the old pink framed products because they have stored the individual pages for quick return to shopping in the future.

To Fix: Simply dump the old version from your favorites, organically Google Sterling Minerals and click thru on the main page link then follow through to your product pages and voila, you should now be seeing the latest and greatest updates.

IMPORTANT TIDBIT FOR MOBILE PHONE USERS:  If you are shopping using your mobile phone, unless you switch to “FULL SITE” mode (located at the bottom of the web page on your phone), you too may miss out on our promos and latest updates.  So when you can, be sure to at least view us in Full Site Mode for the best possible experience.

Thank you and we hope this latest information continues to serve your needs.

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Exciting News For Our International Customers

Lower Shipping Charges Now Offered For International Customers

People Jumping For JoyWe are elated and jumping for joy at the good news put out by our shipping carrier for shipping packages overseas and to our neighbors in the north and in the south, especially since past and future customers have asked us if we can ship out first class mail to their country.  Up until today that answer has always been, sadly….no!

However,  USPS just today, has implemented First Class Mail into their shipping module for our international customers.  So now when you shop with us, First Class Mail will be offered as a selection option for your to receive your packages at an incredibly reduced rate.

Samples and smaller orders no longer have to ship at the higher rates of priority mail if you so choose.  For a complete shipping breakdown you can view our updated shipping chart on our Shipping Policies page.

This Rate Does Lose Shipping Benefits Afforded By Choosing Priority Mail

Please be aware that there are some ordering parameters to choose this method:

  • There is no tracking available
  • There is no insurance available
  • Your package will take longer to arrive
  • This is a method that is chosen at your own risk against loss, damage or theft
  • Your order also cannot exceed a minimum dollar amount to minimize loss prevention

So if you have confidence as we do in the USPS, then we are pleased to now be able to make available to those who wish to choose First Class Shipping Method.  We hope this makes all of those loyal customers we have overseas as happy as we are with this new USPS Shipping offer.  We are also looking forward to our many future international customers finally being able to get our products that found the shipping rates a hindrance in the past.

Our sincerest Thanks to USPS for taking our repeated requests and finally implementing this service into their shipping module.

We are standing by to take your order. WOOT!

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Drama Queen Status Never Looked So Good!

New Addition To Our Mineral Eye Shadow Collection

Drama Queen Cat eyeWe added a very sultry, semi matte basic black to our ever growing array of eye colors upon repeated customer request.  We have suitably named it “Drama Queen“.   So befitting of those that have intensity, are confident, bold,  live life with exhilarating enthusiasm, and stand out above the crowd.

Rich and pure in pigment, this eyeshadow shade is perfect for a creating a look that commands attention.  Applied with moisture, this also dupes as an eyeliner for defining the eyes and can be used with every shade in our eyeshadow color palette.  Staying power is excellent, too!

Hey now… don’t despair… for those that are demure and soft spoken, they too can enjoy this eyeshadow color since as always with all of our shades, it can be blended down to soft, subtle and sexy, or a smoky look for that enchanted evening, or softer yet for daytime wear.  Shaping the eye with Drama Queen, combined with “Crystal“  becomes bold, beautiful glamor, especially when creating a cat eye for dramatic effect.  Or combine with any other color one might enjoy just as an accent, the look will be nothing short of breathtaking.

Beauty Tip: Just remember, applied with a damp brush (foiling) creates a super intense shade, and applied dry will create softness and subtle color.  Careful though, just a “dot” will do you.

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