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Preventing and Fixing A Broken Lipstick

lipstick samples cut on white backgroundIt happens on occasion that you get a new lipstick, and in your excitement to try the new shade, you twist it up a tad too far to apply.  Oops… we now have a broken lipstick!

Or you had your lipstick in your pocket or in a warm spot, such as your purse on a hot day or left it in the car and you make the mistake of trying to put some on and oops… it breaks in half.

Or the complete opposite since a very cold lipstick can become brittle and also break at the base.  This has happened to most of us at one time or another.

All is not lost however.  We provide the steps to repair that favorite lipstick of yours using a match or a lighter.

FULL ARTICLE: How To Prevent Or Fix A Broken Lipstick

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Mineral Eyeshadow Beauty Using Purple In A Unique Way

Enjoy Purple Eyeshadow Without Looking Garisheye shadow gold purple

Duplication of this gorgeous combination of purple with a touch of gold and silver is quick and simple and gives you the perfect show of color for that special day. You’ll also love the way it helps to brighten the eyes while giving you a look that is soft and sensuous. Touch of color mixes allow us to explore shades we would otherwise avoid.

FULL ARTICLE: Mineral Eyeshadow Beauty Using Purple In A Unique Way

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Avocado Facial Mask For Dry, Itchy, Sunburned, Chafed Skin

Natural Avocado Facial Mask Is Incredible For Dry, Itchy, and Chafed Skin Avocado facial mask

This facial mask recipe is perfect for all skin types, yet has never been better when used after a long hot summer when our skin has been exposed to the heat and sun. Summer time tends to dry out our skin, leaving it feeling chapped, sunburned, peeling and even itchy, especially if we perspired a lot which prompts us to over cleanse our face sometimes.

FULL RECIPE: Avocado Facial Mask For Dry, Itchy, Sunburned, Chafed Skin

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How Do Mineral Eye Shadow and Nail Polish Go Together?

Nail Polish Dazzles The Eye Using Your Favorite Eye Shadow

Did you know that you could use your mineral eye shadow to create a beautiful new nail polish color?

That’s right, you can enjoy a new nail polish shade every time you take one off to put on another without having an endless supply of nail polish bottles strewn all over your bathroom.

How you might ask?

FULL ARTICLE with TUTORIAL: How Do Mineral Eye Shadow and Nail Polish Go Together?

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Mineral Makeup Eye Liner Tip

Where The Heck Is The Eye Liner?multicolor eye shadow

Many women have asked us if we will be offering eye liner pencils to our mineral makeup repertoire.  And the answer is, they really are not necessary.  This may seem odd that we would say this, especially for ladies new to the mineral makeup world, and are used to the conventional methods of eye color, but the reason is, our mineral eye color comes in deeper, richer shades that also doubles as an eyeliner.

How You May Ask?

FULL ARTICLE: Mineral Makeup Eye Liner Tip

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