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Do I Have A Sun Allergy? Or Is It Some Other Skin Allergy?

Summer Is Rapidly Approachingsun allergy raised bumps

As we are now into Spring and Summer is just around the corner, we will begin to get daily exposure to the sun which will bring about some burning or deepening of our skin tone.  Suddenly some of us may notice something odd or changes to our skin especially after a slight sunburn, something we have never seen before, and not really know or understand what is happening.  You may pose the question, “how do I know if I am allergic to the sun?”

Let’s look at the questions that may help to address some skin changes where you are unsure of their exact cause.

FULL ARTICLE: Do I Have A Sun Allergy? Or Is It Some Other Skin Allergy?

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Natural Facial Mask For Acne, Rosacea And All Skin Types

Facial Masks (masques) Are Exceptional At Helping Skin Feel And Look Betterfacial mask rice bowl combo

A great way to give yourself a spa day this weekend with this skin soothing facial mask recipe.

Using natural face masks are excellent for the skin. Their skin healthy benefits are perfect for fighting acne, calming rosacea and soothing psoriasis. The beauty of using all natural ingredients in a “one time use” facial mask is you don’t have to worry about preservatives or the product going bad. It is made fresh each time and the leftovers are tossed after application. It is perfect for all skin types including mature, dry skin.

FULL ARTICLE: Natural Facial Mask For Acne, Rosacea And All Skin Types

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Does Alpha Hydroxy Acid Or Salicylic Acid Work For Acne?

Taking A Look At Alpha Hydroxy And Beta Hydroxy Acidswashclothonface

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) creams are great for gentle exfoliation of your skin. Salicylic Acid which is a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) on the other hand behaves more like a systemic on the skin. These can aid in reduction of acne and keep bacterial growth to a minimum.

However, there are divided camps on the use of Beta Hydroxy Acids due to their ability to penetrate deep into the pores breaking through the oily barrier which helps to break apart sebum buildup and unclog the pore. With this ability this ingredient can be a cause for some concern for it aging the skin despite the benefit to it helping to clear up acne.

FULL ARTICLE: Does Alpha Hydroxy Acid Or Salicylic Acid Work For Acne?

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New “Kissable” Lip Shine Has Arrived

Hello Ladies,CC397B Kissable shine

We finally have available our newest shade addition to our lip shine palette.  KISSABLE Lip Shine is now sporting a new look.  It is already generating excitement after the launch by ladies that were awaiting the arrival.  You can see their comments in the “Reviews” tab.

We knew that our new Kissable lip color shade would be perfect for a color choice, but had no idea that women were waiting with such anticipation.  We are very pleased that we have met the needs of those that were continuing to ask for cooler shades which included another pink lip color that leaned toward more of a deep, rich Fuschia without also being too bright.  If women continue to show their enjoyment of this shade, we may very well create this in a lipstick as well.

We aren’t stopping there either, we are also working behind the scenes for including in our color palette another shade choice that offers a soft and light mauve plum tone.  We tried to keep things more neutral for the vast majority of women, but they have emailed us and spoken that they would like to have cooler shade choices, especially since shades of  “Pink” are becoming highly popular again.

You’ll also love the natural appearance of all our shades.  Even the richest color choices will leave you looking gorgeous yet never overstated, just refreshed and renewed!

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Best Anti-Aging Ingredients In Skincare Products

Are Anti-Aging Ingredients Really Able To Perform?anti-aging woman with two sides of face

There are many purported anti-aging ingredients on the market today, too many to count actually, but there are none better than the ones that help retain or enhance moisture, keep surface skin clear, improve elasticity, provide tone and firmness and fight the aging effects of free radical damage. But the real question to ask is how they perform and is it based on how they are implemented into mineral makeup and skincare?

FULL ARTICLE: Best Anti-Aging Ingredients In Skincare Products

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Clearance Lip Color and Free Gifts

Changes in Free Gifts And Clearance ShadesSale Sign

The Holidays have come and gone and many enjoyed the holiday promo we offered.  We sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday as well.  We also want to say thanks to all our customers, past and new, and wish everyone a wonderful 2014.

To catch you up with the latest, we are currently offering a clearance price for our CHARISMA shade, both in Lipstick or Lip Shine.  We enjoy changing things up so we like to make way for new colors that are trending, not only for what is “hip” now, but offering shades that help us to look younger and to give our lips fullness provided by beautiful pigments.  We never want to age ourselves or make thin lips thinner by wearing the wrong shade or formula.

We also have updated our FREE GIFT offers to now provide a FREE CHARISMA Lip Shade, your choice of formula, when you purchase $100 or more in full size products.  Simply make your selection known (lip shine or lipstick) during checkout in the comments section of your order.

For those that have never tried natural lip colors, and you are thinking about your first purchase, then our article on our natural lip colors and what to expect is a great read.


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Mineral Eyeshadow Beauty Using Purple In A Unique Way

Enjoy Purple Eyeshadow Without Looking Garisheye shadow gold purple

Duplication of this gorgeous combination of purple with a touch of gold and silver is quick and simple and gives you the perfect show of color for that special day. You’ll also love the way it helps to brighten the eyes while giving you a look that is soft and sensuous. Touch of color mixes allow us to explore shades we would otherwise avoid.

FULL ARTICLE: Mineral Eyeshadow Beauty Using Purple In A Unique Way

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