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Rice Starch, Bacteria, & Mineral Makeup Myths

Another Rice Powder In Mineral Makeup Myth Disguised As Sciencemakeup filler with wooden spoon

Unfortunately, we are revisiting yet again, the myth that rice powder in mineral makeup will somehow support or grow bacteria in your jar.  Others across the internet want us to believe that products containing this essential ingredient for keeping skin healthy, is somehow contributing to skin problems.  Fortunately, the science does not support this supposition so we will dispel this myth.  Some mineral makeup companies claim any product containing rice powder must be preserved.

FULL ARTICLE: Does Rice Powder In Mineral Makeup Support Bacteria?

Posted by admin at August 18, 2014 10:38 am | No Comments »

Does Using Gluten Free Mineral Makeup & Skincare Matter?

Does My Makeup, Skincare Or Any Beauty Product I Use Need To Be Gluten Free?

Dealing with Celiac disease has brought up an interesting and pointed question about mineral makeup, skincare ingredients, or any makeup product whether it be lipsticks, glosses, powders or liquid foundation.  This has become a growing concern among women that are getting recent diagnoses of having Celiac disease.

Your health is equally important to us as it is to you so we we wish to share our research with you so you can feel comfortable when making your next purchase on any Health and Beauty product.

FULL ARTICLE: Do I Need To Use Gluten Free Mineral Makeup And Skincare?

Posted by admin at August 1, 2014 10:39 am | No Comments »

Acne Problems, Acne Solutions And Ingredients Involved!

Acne Issues And How To Resolve Themwoman acne mirror

With the frustration of acne being so prevalent and the fact it can hit us at any age, we felt it was vital for all to try and understand more about acne care which can include some pretty harsh acne products for the face.  Dryness, irritation and inflammation become the mainstay of our lives as we fight to stop our acne from becoming chronic.

We listen to sales pitches, try to understand the different ingredients as to how it all works, while trying to avoid the harsh chemicals that most commercial skincare brands offer.  Even with the appearance of a single pimple, this can send women running to the medicine cabinet to begin the assault on their skin.

We have done a two part series of articles that will break this down for you and hopefully get you on the road to recovery with a better understanding of dealing with acne gently, and keep you from further damaging your skin.

Part One: Confusion and Insanity When Dealing With Acne Problems

Part Two: Ingredients To Use and Avoid When Dealing With Acne

Posted by admin at April 30, 2014 9:00 am | No Comments »

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