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Mineral Makeup and ONATI Skin Care Love

Avocado oilHello Katherine:

I spoke with you about two weeks ago about my problem with all blushes and some makeup turning “orange” on me.  You suggested the Onati Skin Care.  Just wanted to tell you that I’ve used it for one week now and absolutely love it! Nothing feels heavy or greasy on me and I am even using the Calm and Refresh Face Cream during the day.  You would never know that my skin is very oily.  Bought a sample of the Grecian Body Soufflé and use that at night.  After spending hundreds of dollars trying numerous skin care lines, I have finally found the best for me.

Also, just received my samples of your foundation.  You had suggested Vivana and Hannah. Tried Vivana (Dewy) this morning using the dry method and it just looks like my skin but better.  Going to try Hannah tomorrow, although it appears to be darker.  I got all samples in both the Dewy and the Velvet.  I also ordered Amara based upon the description on website but it looks way too gold/yellow for me, but I will try it also.  Also bought a sample of the Satin Rose Mineral Veil.

Also ordered the blushes that were recommended on your website for skin that turns orange.  The Lilac is extremely light, so I’m not sure about that.  The Vintage is pretty but still light, but a very pretty color when I apply more.  The other three I have not tried because I think it best to try it when using your foundation. (Lilac was used on my Bare Minerals).

I feel like a kid in a candy store trying all my new makeup!  Anxious to try your eye colors too!

Well, just wanted to let you know my experience so far.  Have a good day.

Sylvia B.
Kent, Ohio

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Mineral Makeup Love and Brow Filler Using Eyeshadow


I’m a VERY satisfied customer and have been using your products for about 6 months.  I have your blush in Blossom, foundation in Fiorella, bronzer in Sunny and a Cameo eyeshadow.  I’d like to purchase some other shades of eyeshadow to use as eyeliner, and I’m also wondering about getting a powder to use to fill in my brows.  I have dark blonde/light brown hair, fair skin, and dark brown eyes, and have used taupe colored pencils to color my brows in the past.  I’m not a fan of some of the additives in those pencils, and I’m hoping that there is a Sterling Minerals powder that will work.  Could you advise me on shades of eyeliner or foundation that might work so I can purchase samples?  I don’t really know where to start.

OUR ANSWER: Cocoa is an excellent brow filler and all of our eye colors have a detailed description with tips and suggestions also on how to use them.

I’m so glad I found your products.  I’m 26 and for the first time since being a child, my skin looks awesome.  It’s equal parts oil cleansing method, oil as a moisturizer, cutting out dairy and your wonderful products.  I’ve finally found a system of products and methods that makes me look glowy and wonderful.  Thank you! I had tried other mineral makeup in the past and I almost scratched my face off.  I thought it was in my head since all I heard were wonderful things about how mineral makeup would look flawless and help the condition of your skin.  But it just looked chalky and awful and made my face burn. Your products never look chalky.  I can see my freckles, but not my imperfections.  It’s awesome and I’ll be a customer for life.  I’m eager to expand my collection of eyeshadows and blushes…maybe even some lip colors. :)

~Ingrid S.~
Chassell, Michigan

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I received this photo and this cute, brief note  from a long time customer, Korrena P. of Blandford, Massachusetts.  We love photos by the way, so if you want to share your “before and after” or just a photo of yourself using our products, share away.

Hi Katherine,

After talking to you I thought I’d send you another pic :) This is me and my sister at her wedding.  My sister is beautiful!!  She had her makeup professionally done for her big day.  I wore your Sterling Minerals makeup.  As we discussed, your makeup looks like a second skin…not makeup.  It’s just one of the things I love about your products.  I also love the fact that it soothes my rosacea and itching.  I was able to be in my sisters wedding party and not worry that my makeup would irritate my skin.  Your makeup has awesome coverage and staying power as well.  (I have hyperpigmentation as well as red around my nose & on my cheeks) Sterling Minerals lasted all day and into the night…I never had to touch it up.  I was able to laugh and dance the night away with my family…never worrying once about my makeup.  Thank you again for this product!!!!

I thought you would like to see who & what I was talking about :) …and NO she wasn’t wearing your makeup at the time. It is sooooo obvious!!!  Her hairdresser talked her into a new makeup for the day.  I told her I was using my trusted Sterling minerals.  Again…your products are amazing!!!

Korrena :)

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